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5 Ways to Spend Your Weekends at Home

November 12, 2015

5 Ways to Spend Your Weekends at Home

In recent years, technology has made daily life more dynamic and exciting. As you browse through your social media accounts – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on – you would see status updates and pictures of your friends doing this and that or going here and there, which is coupled with hash tags such as #ATM1 or #OOTD2 or #<insert place here>.
The internet has made travelling easier due to efficient ways of booking flights and accommodations. And many thanks to promo fares, going places is not as expensive as it was before. Hence, travelling has become the latest trend among families and friends who would not miss the chance to go out during weekends and holidays.
But there are times you would rather stay at home after a hectic work-week. And really, spending weekends at home is not a bad idea at all. Here are some of the things you can do to have a well-spent weekend without the need to go anywhere but home:

1. Read a good book
It’s about time to put down that smartphone and pick-up a book and start reading. Best-selling novels, inspirational or motivational books are good options. You don’t need to go to a coffee shop to have a relaxing ambiance. You can simply sit in the porch drinking your homemade coffee while reading. So instead of passing time on Facebook, face a book (and actually read it).



2. Prepare a delicious meal
During weekdays, sometimes, you simply don’t have the time to make your own meals. Or if you do have the responsibility to prepare such before reporting to work, you may always be in a rush to avoid getting late. Result is that you don’t get to enjoy the fun side of cooking. So why not make time to prepare a delicious meal during the weekends? It doesn’t need to sound grand like Puntine di Maiale and Verdure in Agrodolce (which I can’t even pronounce). A simple sinigang na baboy made with love will definitely do.


3. Watch a movie (or better yet, have a movie marathon!)
Similar to books, movies also have the ability to divert your attention from the current world. Nowadays, there is a vast selection of good movies to choose from with seemingly great storylines combined with valuable life lessons. And the perk of watching movies at home in that cosy couch in your living room is that you can watch not only one or two movies, but tons if you like!


4. Get back lost sleep
Let’s admit it, you just can’t get enough sleep during the weekdays. It’s either overtime is really unavoidable or there are other errands you need to attend to after office hours and you end up getting less than the needed 6-8 hours of sleep. Good news is that weekends are there to catch up some lost sleep and give your body the chance to recuperate. So don’t feel guilty staying in bed until 10am (or more) on a weekend. Give yourself a chance to rest.


5. Spend time with your loved ones
Lastly, making time for your loved ones is one of the best ways to spend your weekends. Start a conversation with your spouse or parents or siblings or whomever you are with at home. Tell them about your week and listen to theirs as well. You do not get to do this often during the weekdays so make the most out of it when the weekend comes.
So there you have it. There are other ways to make your weekends at home worthwhile such as doing house chores or gardening or whatever you enjoy doing. Well-spent weekends need not always be an out-of-town thing. Remember, home is where the heart is. :)

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